A First Rate Clickbait

English-Chinese bilingual audio book
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English-Hindi bilingual audio book
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bilingual audio book: the lost dogs of the pampas

Total duration: between 20 and 23 min, according to the languages.
Price: 3.10$
Natural voices

A First Rate Clickbait

by Gabrielle Scouarnec
Source language: French

You will receive a ZIP file that contains 3 files: the bilingual English-Chinese text and 2 MP3 files. One of the audio files offers you to listen to each sentence, or group of sentences, in your language and then in the translation; while the other file offers the opposite order. You can choose the order in which you want to listen to the sentences according to your level of knowledge.
As much as possible each recording does not exceed 30 seconds.

A First Rate Clickbait, a bilingual audio book (either English/Chinese or English/Hindi) is a mocking text about the "flatists" (aka the flatearthers), people who believe (or feign to believe) that the earth is flat.

You will learn faster listening to your target language first. / Vous apprendrez plus vite en écoutant d'abord la langue cible.