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Fonts and Patchfonts

A patchfont is a font whose elements can be combined to form a design.
Like all TTF fonts, the patchfont can be enlarged without losing its qualities.
You can use our decorative fonts to prepare coloring books or to make a report stand out. With the patchfonts you can make patterns for embroidery or to create reliefs to chisel, for example.
The elements of a patchfont are generally combined 3 by 3: 1 left character, 1 middle character to repeat as much as you need, 1 right character; or 1 character up, 1 down, and n characters between top and bottom.
When you prepare your pattern in your TTX, make sure you don't allow any space between paragraphs.

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A Middle-Age themed Patchfont

some combinable or decorative characters of a patchfont

Over 200 decorative or combinable elements, including shields and stained glass to print and color on a rainy day.
Price: $6.90

Pack of 3 non figurative Patchfonts

how to combine characters of patchfont

Over 280 elements.
There are also a few isolated decorative characters. Price: $9.90

Pack of 3 fonts with animals

decorative characters for dog lovers

decorative designs of dogs(27), farm animals(26) and exotic (though the meaning of exotic depends on the place you live in) animals(26). For animal lovers.
Price: $2.90

A pack of 4 fonts of animals

decorative characters for cat lovers

decorative designs of cats(26), woodland animals(27), birds(26) and fish(26). For animal lovers.
Price: $3.70

A pack of 3 touristic fonts

decorative characters for tourists

decorative representations of castles(22), monuments(26), and statues(26).
Price: $2.70

Pack of 3 decorative fonts about sports

decorative characters for sport fan

decorative characters playing golf(26), soccer (football)(27), and other sports(26). A perfect gift for a young fan of sports.
Price: $2.90

Ancient Egypt themed font

decorative characters about egypt

decorative elements (130) about the Egyptian civilization: 3O human beings, sacred animals, the Egyptian zodiac, the alphabet and some cartridges.
Price: $5.70

Andean patchfont

decorative characters about Andean civilizations

decorative elements about Andean civilizations(200)including elements to combine. Be aware that Andean civilizations were rather scary.
Price: $7.30

A patchfont of Japanese inspiration

decorative characters about Japan

a patchfont about Japanese culture including people and isolated decorative designs (200C).
Price: $7.30

Patchfont of arabesques


a patchfont combining arabic designs (200) for embroidery lovers and wood chisel freaks.
Price: $7.30

Pack of 3 figurative fonts

flowers and garden

one font with flowers(26), one with garden tools(26) and one with tools(26, to teach new words, and to print attractive labels.
Price: $2.90