Bilingual Audiobooks: from the idea to the real thing


Why a Bilingual AudioBook

The BABook makes learning languages easy, pleasant and interesting. You listen to a sentence or a paragraph in a language, then you listen to the same sentence or paragraph in another language.
You learn the easy way, listening to short novels of genres you like.

Learning Foreign Languages The Way You Learned Your Mother Tongue (aka: easy)

When I was teaching French to foreign students I was always trying to smooth their learning path. In my on-going effort I ended up with the Bilingual Audio Book « BABook ».
At last something new in the learning world, specially designed to make learning a foreign language a breeze.

With Pierre (my husband and best supporter) we decided to run a test: from a podcast I had made we prepared a version that alternates English and French sentences, and invited friends' children to listen to it.
The children listened.... and their parents too. Listening was not felt as a chore but as a delight.
So, we decided to prepare bilingual audiobooks from "classical" works. Then, we thought we should publish contemporary short works in at least 2 languages (by the way, if you are the happy author of a work up to 25.000 words, prepare to submit it.)
We propose mostly human voices, because to listen to synthetic voices feels... synthetic. But, whatever their accent, the synthetic voices offer a faultless pronunciation, which is important for the student. So, we prepare some sound files with synthetic voices.

Ask yourself: would you like to learn a language the way you learned your mother tongue? You learned it without reading or writing. Yes, it took you three years, but ZERO effort.
If you are ready to learn without even knowing that you are learning, subscribe to our list so that you can enjoy your BABooks at a 50% discount.

Grand Mother's Dream
and parents as well!

Changing Teachers' Lives

If you are a foreign language teacher, the BABook is your dream tool.
Not only it helps you in your teaching tasks, but it also reduces the eventual discipline issues. Anyone likes to listen to stories.
According to the nivel of your students, you choose which language to give them to listen to first: if they are well advanced, play the language they are learning first, and the recording in their mother tongue allows them to check their understanding.
For the beginners (or students who are moderately dedicated to their studies!) better to play their mother tongue first.

For Home Schooling

The Pleasure Of Learning